BluLever Education was started in 2021 and aims to address the mistrust between artisan training facilities and the industry which prevents young artisans from accessing gainful employment. Artisan trades include plumbers, electricians, carpenters, painters, welders and boiler-makers to name a few, which means there are many employment opportunities created in this sector. In the current landscape, the number of new artisans in the labour force is not increasing fast enough to replace those artisans who have retired creating a shortage of skills in the market. The National Development Plan states that 30k artisans are needed per year by 2030 to fill the gap in the market. However, mistrust, a lack of a structured career path and the cost of qualifying all act as inhibitors to young people pursuing a career in this field. This presents an opportunity for young people to gain a skill that is in demand by the market and go on to develop their own businesses.


BluLever, has been developed by Jess Roussos and Adam Collier as a solution to these problems – it aims to impact young people’s lives by providing them with training and access to the job market.  The BluLever team has developed a comprehensive curriculum that ensures that students who attend the facilities receive both technical and soft skills that help them navigate the workplace. The training school is situated in Braamfontein, Johannesburg – an active student hub that also houses many students from the Witwatersrand.


The organisation started by training plumbers and has expanded to include the training of electricians. Each student enters a 3-year training programme, where they spend 3 months on campus and 9 months with an employer as an apprentice. The BluLever team has developed close relationships with employers ensuring that the students who are placed with them receive better work training experience.  At the end of the 3 years, they will take their portfolio of evidence and write their trade test, which enables them to become qualified artisans. Due to the work place training component, students have the opportunity to earn an income while they study.


Artisans are an incredibly important part of the economy, they are responsible for developing new infrastructure as well as maintaining existing infrastructure in both, residential, commercial and public spaces. BluLever aims to expand its reach and impact by attracting more students to its facility.


Oppenheimer Generations Foundation understands the importance of addressing the youth unemployment gap through skills development and is a proud early-stage investor in BluLever Education.

This journey has brought so much change in my life. I have become a problem solver.When there are problems, I come with ideas.