The African Leadership Group (AL Group) was founded by widely-acclaimed African visionary, Fred Swaniker, whose aim is to develop three million ethical and entrepreneurial leaders for Africa and the world by 2035.  

Anchored in its unique and effective leadership development curriculum and global network, the AL Group has been successfully producing and placing globally competitive African talent at a speed, scale and quality never before seen.  

Using an experiential, technology-enabled, peer-to-peer learning model, it is equipping and harnessing the potential of the young African workforce to meaningfully engage with — and contribute to — African economies as leaders and innovators. 

The AL Group comprised 4 entities:  

African Leadership Academy (ALA) –  based in Johannesburg, is a globally recognized pre-university program that identifies high potential youth across the continent and then develops their leadership and entrepreneurial skills in a two year diploma program that empowers each of them for a lifetime of impact. 

African Leadership University (ALU)an undergraduate and postgraduate institution that uses a unique and innovative learning model that integrates students’ learning with the real world, empowers students to take ownership of their own learning, ALU has two campuses—one in Mauritius and one in Rwanda. 

The ALU School of Wildlife Conservation is the first of its kind on the continent, dedicated to growing the next generation of world class conservation leaders in Africa. 

ALX – an unconventional “leadership accelerator” that distills the core leadership development programs offered at ALA and ALU into a low-cost, modular program that can rapidly accelerate the careers of young professionals.  

The Room – a community of high impact leaders on a path to make global change. Individuals from around the world find and share opportunities, events, networks and resources to co-create a collective where opportunity and talent meet. 

Oppenheimer Generations Foundation has been a long-term supporter of the AL Group, with catalytic, early-stage funding provided to the Group at each stage of its evolution. This has included ongoing student support at ALA, investing in the formation of ALU, including providing seed grant funding for the School of Wildlife Development, and support for the set-up of ALX and The Room.  

The AL community has built an immense ability to learn, to unlearn, and to rapidly translate that knowledge into action, resulting in a highly competitive staff, student body and faculty.